Insulation saves money… every month!

CMC has an insulation Department with a very experienced staff. Several insulators having more than 20 years experience.

CMC has a Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser (National Insulation Association) on staff. Our trained staff will be happy to evaluate your current system and submit a custom Energy Appraisal. This Appraisal will identify dollars wasted. The Appraisal will make necessary recommendations for the correct thickness / correct type of insulation to be used.

We insulate most anything in the Industrial world, such as; tanks, equipment, pipe, duct etc. We work with both hot and cold systems, moisture / condensation control, equipment protection and personal protection.

For exterior pipe systems, CMC has developed a new system design that will isolate a piping system in zones. This new system will protect the piping from exterior elements / moisture and maintenance work on pipes. Most exterior systems will get "Water-Logged" and the entire system gets wet and loses its insulation value and also freeze in the winter time.