Sanitary HVAC


Sanitary HVAC - Air Handlers

CMC has years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing sanitary HVAC systems. CMC is one of few contractors that can design, draw, fabricate, and install for you a seal welded stainless steel air handler for sanitary process air. If you need a modular unit or a build in place unit CMC can do it. Clean in place coils cut down on maintenance, down time, and equipment replacement.

CMC’s expertise does not stop at the air handler. CMC can design and size your duct work as well. After your approval we can fabricate your duct from any various alloys. If you are in harsh environments you may want hot dipped galvanized duct. In a F.D.A approved factory you may want aluminum or stainless steel duct to eliminate the possibility of paint chips forming. CMC will fabricate your duct according to your standards or SMACNA’s.